Sunday, June 8, 2008

“Maghreb Jazz Guitar” by Jan Wouter Oostenrijk (World Artist from The Netherlands)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Jan Wouter Oostenrijk with a GrIndie Award for their CD "Maghreb Jazz Guitar"
"Maghreb Jazz Guitar" by Jan Wouter Oostenrijk is a very interesting and diverse collection of world/jazz tunes, fusing jazz-flavors and tribal percussion with lyrics presented in the Arabic language. Careful production provides an effective balance between percussion and guitar work. The slow-pace instrumental track "Nardis" opens with a very nice native flute melody, giving this song a very middle-eastern vibe. The beat-driven "My Favourite Things" grabs listeners' attention with its intriguing percussion intro, mixing together rare percussive sounds. Moreover, the very groovy "Barud" flaunts a nice electric guitar lead and a memorable Indian-influenced melody. Fans of culturally diverse songs and rich percussion will enjoy this CD.
-Xavier P. and the RadioIndy Review Team